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PSA Grading Services

From PSA: "As of 3/30/2021 PSA has temporarily suspended the acceptance of most submissions. We are currently not accepting Value, Economy, Regular, or Express orders. We will take a tiered approach to reintroducing these service levels. Our goal is to bring all suspended service levels back by July 1, 2021."

Trading Cards Prices


$ NA Per Card
  • Max. value per card: $499 USD


$ NA Per Card
  • Max. value per card: $999 USD


$ 325 Per Card
  • Max. value per card: $2,499 USD

Sports Cards - Value Tier


1971 & Earlier
$ NA Per Card
  • Max. value per card: $499 USD


$ NA Per Card
  • Max. value per card: $499 USD


$ NA Per Card
  • Max. value per card: $499 USD

Estimated turn around times are from the date the submission is registered into  PSA. Not from the date of package received.
Customer is responsible for all surcharges PSA levied if they determine your card exceeds the value limit.
Insurance is $2.80 CAD per $100 USD declared.
Payment is due upon submission.

Failure to pay for any invoices will result in customer forfeit their cards after 90 days of final invoiced due date.

Submission Status

How to Submit

We are currently only accepting in-store drop off. Please visit us at New Horizon Mall . Appointments can be setup for large submissions (50+ cards).

Mail-in orders will be available at a later time.

    • All cards submitted must be in soft sleeves (penny sleeves) and in semi-rigid holders. Sleeves and Semi-rigid holders are available for $1 each.

    • Please research the value of your cards for your declaration to PSA and for insurance purposes. Please write down the value you wish to declare on a sticky note or on a list to provide to us when you drop off your cards.

    • If your cards are in languages outside of English, please put a sticky note with the card name on the semi-rigid.

    • Drop your cards off at our store at the New Horizon Mall.