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Following Submission Due Feb 20


CSG Grading Services

Sports Card Prices


$ X Per Card
(-$3/card with 10+ cards)
  • Include Sub-Grades
  • Max. value: $250 USD


$ 53 Per Card
  • Include Sub-Grades
  • Max. value: $500 USD


$ 68 Per Card
  • Include Sub-Grades
  • Max. value: $1,000 USD


$ 105 Per Card
  • Include Sub-Grades
  • Max. value: $10,000 USD

CSG reserves the right to levy additional fees to customers based on the assessed value of the card. In the event that additional fees are levied, the submitter is responsible for paying all additional fees assessed for their own cards.

In addition to its overall grade, a card is assigned grades for Centering, Corners, Edges and Surface. In order to be eligible for a “Perfect 10”, you need to have subgrades. Without subgrades, the highest grade you may receive is a “Pristine 10”.

Why should I get sub-grades?
Sub-grades identify the flaws on each card. This allow future buyers to make a better decision on how to value your card compare to others depending of what is important to each individual.

CSG will certify cards with manufacturer’s certified (“pack pulled”) autographs. Cards with other autographs are not currently eligible for CSG certification.

Sports cards that are thicker than standard stock are encapsulated in the CSG Thick Holder, which comes in three sizes: 3.5mm, 5.5mm and 7.25mm. If you are submitting a thick card, select “Thick” under “Holder Type” when filling out the CSG online submission form.

The appropriate size holder for your card will be determined by CSG’s highly trained staff at its sole discretion.

In some cases, certain thick cards that would normally be accepted for certification may have irregular dimensions and cannot be encapsulated for this reason. In those cases, the cards will be returned unencapsulated (“raw”), and the grading fee will be refunded.


We are not responsible for items in transit from the client to us. This responsibility falls on the client only.

Insurance must be purchased with your submission. This insurance covers loss/damaged of your goods. For every $100 USD declared, your insurance premium will be $2.80 CAD for coverage to and from CGC. Your insurance premium will be round up to the nearest $100 USD.


Payment is due at time of drop off. For mail-in orders, you will receive an invoice after we received your shipment. Your cards will not be send off to grading until your invoice is paid. If customer does not pay their invoice within 30 days, customer is responsible for return shipping charges. 

Prices in Canadian dollars is based on our best estimate of exchange rate charged by our bank in the next 30 days. Due to the fluctuation of exchange rate, prices are subject to change without notice.

How to Submit

We are currently only accepting in-store drop off. Please visit us at New Horizon Mall . Appointments can be setup for large submissions (50+ cards).

Mail-in orders will be available at a later time.

    • All cards submitted must be in soft sleeves (penny sleeves) and in semi-rigid holders. Sleeves and Semi-rigid holders are available for $1 each.

    • Please research the value of your cards for your declaration to PSA and for insurance purposes. Please write down the value you wish to declare on a sticky note or on a list to provide to us when you drop off your cards.

    • If your cards are in languages outside of English, please put a sticky note with the card name on the semi-rigid.

    • Drop your cards off at our store at the New Horizon Mall.